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Since 1984, Toei Trading Co., Ltd. (TOEI) is your partner in Japan, for all your used CNC & Conventional Machine Tools. We offer bidding on your behalf for machines releasing from  Plants/ Projects,  Dis-mantling, Local Transportation, Necessary Documentations, Containerization and Sea freighting to your designated Ports, all over the world. Offering now                                                                            

Model Main Spec                                      Make  Status

F=16iMB TABLE  2000X2000, TABLE INDEX  0.00, 1 DEG.  ATC-60   2500 RPM

2010 Available
Toshiba BTD130 H R22 Tosnuc999, X,Y,Z speed =10,000mm/min, 1~4000mm/min milling, 20Ton Work weight , ATC 38  2013 Available
Toshiba MPC-2665B

5 Face machine , X=7500, Y=3400, Z=900, Table-2200x6500, 3~3000 RPM, TB=50

2005 Available

Bet Column= 2850, X=7250, Y=4500, Z=600, Table=5000x2500, Weight on Table=15000  Kgs

2005 Available
SNK RB-2N Double column, Table=1500×1800×2P, Control=F-0M,  retrofitted in 1990  1983 Available
Kuraki CMN-5RA Multi-machine , Table =630×800×6P, Control=F-11M 1987 Available
SNK RB-4N - - Available
SNK HF-3 Control=F-15M(1993 Retrofitted), X-7330 Y-3100 Z-750 W-1400 ,ATC30 AAC,1500RPM 1982 Available
Homma 8M VTL
FANCU 31iB CNC controller.
2018 Available
Marufuku  DP150K-3M Surface Grinder 1990 Available 
For Confidential Offers , please contact via Email.

Other Offers 

1. Integrex    30Y       

2. Moriseiki  SL-15   1992

3. Hitachiseiki 5LN II   1974

4.  Moriseiki   ZL-15S     1991  2 Slindle 2 Turret

5.   Mazak QT-40   1999  Mazatrol   640 T6

6.   Moriseiki SL_250BMC    1997

7.   Ikegai  ANC-56   1990  F-0T  No Tailstock

8.   Takisawa  TAC-510x1000   F-20TB

9.    Nakamura  TMC-2M   1991  F-0Mate

10.   Ikegai Vert MacHine Center   TV-4   1989

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